«I express my Being as Woman, Flamenco Artist, Corporal Therapist and Writer«.

“La India”, María Virginia Di Domenicantonio Gutiérrez, flamenco dancer and teacher, writer, corporal therapist, creator and trainer of the FlamenConsciente® Method.

She starts dancing at the age of six in her hometown, La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Growing up, she continues her dance studies with the few flamenco teachers who come from Spain to Argentina. She becomes mother of Emiliano and Faustina, meanwhile at the age of 21 she finishes her studies on humanistic psychotherapies at La Plata Corporal Therapy School (1996-Buenos Aires, Argentina). Her studies include such topics as Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Music Therapy, Expressive Bodywork, Eutony, Feldenkrais, Psychodrama, Psychodrama with masks, Body Analysis of the Relationship.

 In 1999 she goes back to her passion for dancing, and she gets involved in the flamenco world of Seville and Jerez de la Frontera with the artistic name “La India”, suggested by Concha Vargas,her first master in Seville.

 In this town she also studies with such great masters as Matilde Coral, La Farruca, Manuela Carrasco, Angelita Vargas, Juana Amaya; in Jerez de la Frontera, she studies with Angelita Gómez, Manuela Carpio, Antonio “El Pipa” and many more.

In 2006 she meets her second husband, who is her partner in life, Carlos Domínguez Reinhardt, from Seville; he works as sound engineer, anthropologist, and psychotherapist. In 2007 La India closes her Argentinian flamenco academy after fifteen years of activity and she changes her whole life. She obtains the Spanish nationality residing in Seville, where she also starts teaching flamenco and organizing flamenco therapy workshops.

            She is co-author of the 2008 book “Los Caminos Terapéuticos del Flamenco” (literally the Therapeutic Paths of Flamenco) edited by Seville Flamenco Museum.

She writes “El Flamenco Mi Inspiración” (“Flamenco, my Inspiration”) in 2015, with a prologue by  Manuel Bohórquez; the book has also been translated into English; in 2017 she writes “Mis 10 Mandamientos para el Baile Flamenco y la Vida” (“My Ten Commandments for Flamenco and for Life”), whose translation is available in English, Portuguese and Italian; in 2022 she writes  “El Libro de los Secretos del Cuerpo Flamenco” with a prologue by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes.

She works as dancer and teacher at Peña Niño de la Alfalfa (Seville) between 2011 and 2017. She delivers courses all around Spain and Latin America.

In Spain she continues her constant training with an interest in different topics: Tantra and sacred sexuality, transpersonal psychology, introduction to the psychology of the enneatypes (SAT foundation Claudio Naranjo), Family Constellations with individual sessions (Jera, Sevilla), MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (in Seville), MBTB Mindfulness based on the Buddhist tradition (in Seville). She also gets trained on Archetypal Configurations and Psychological Astrology with Dr. Manuel Zapata (in Granada, Astrology and Gestalt with the humanist astrologer José Millán (online course), Family Constellation workshops with Joan Garriga (La Montera, Seville). She attends a training about couples therapy from an integrative perspective (Jera, Seville), another one on Transactional analysis and life script and she follows a course about conflicts in the couple relationship with Brigitte Champetier de Rives (in Madrid). She studies Morphic Resonance with Rupert Sheldrake (online course).

Now retired from professional dancing, she continues to serve flamenco dance and life by offering retreats and workshops about emotional exploration, conscious flamenco, individual and couples therapy at her home, El Portal del Lago, in the mountains of Seville.

Flamenco artist, corporal therapist, facilitator, writer, creator of the FlamenConsciente method®

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