My 10 Commandments for Flamenco Dance and Life
“Get through your neurosis, do not engage nor discuss, do not waste time with it; just act, live the experience.”

My 10 Commandments for Flamenco Dance and Life

Enjoy dancing, first commandment

Trust yourself in the present moment, second commandment

Acknowledge your growth, third commandment

Acknowledge your limits without feeling vulnerable, fourth commandment

Keep concentrated when you study, fifth commandment

Show who you are with no judgement, sixth commandment

Break down complex structures to simplify them and to make them suitable for you, seventh commandment

Emphasize the essential ideas of your dancing, eighth commandment

Search for the information you need, ninth commandment

Create and re-create your dance with the energy of that precise moment, tenth commandment

This short intense book describes an instant: that specific moment when you lock yourself up to study, to enjoy your privacy, to get ready and put into practise everything you have built up in your wishes. The sacred moment changing everything, when you decide to overcome the fears and uncertainties which are limiting you and preventing you from enhancing what you are, with Love for yourself.

Ten commandments giving me strength and guiding me, through my neurosis, towards the path of my most authentic essence.

I made this journey together with other beings, those who followed the online tutorial “La Técnica y el Ser en Unidad” in June 2017, making their own experience. With their appreciation and support, they made me realize that if I open my heart further, I can reach the place where all human beings get united. Because we are all the same: flying stardust, sometimes lost in space and life, searching for that Light which connects us all.

Flamenco artist, Corporal Therapist, Facilitator, and Writer

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Seville, Spain